Monday, 31 May 2010

Guest Review GTA 4

In all ways Grand Theft Auto 4 is a really neat, and great game. With some great story telling, multiple interesting characters, and as always, you're able to steal any vehicle (Not that Boeing 747!) and that freedom is always awesome
 Grand Theft Auto is a beautiful game! The graphics haven't really lagged up unless I'm going 190mph down a street, then the game has problems loading as fast as I'm traversing the area. The variety of vehicles are awesome. You can only find some one or two of the 3 islands, but something I've noticed in this GTA game makes me kind of mad. When you jack a car, or just get one of yours all the other cars on the map seem to be the exact same model. It's not that big of an issue, just gets annoying when you steal a limo and everyone else has one :) . A few things I really wish the designers would have brought to GTA 4. First, I was hoping for a parachute (now available in the expansion packs), second, I wish they would have brought back the tank from GTA Vice city! I just love that tank for some reason. Third, and probably the biggest problem for me is not having a country side area like in SA. I just loved driving around in the country and desert. 

Grand Theft Auto has a wonderful story line. As i progressed through it I never expected some of the twist and turns it had in store for me. The weapons are a big part of the game (who would have guessed...) and neatly made. The targeting system is better than in GTA SA. The ability to crouch behind cars, dumpsters, walls, etc. means that you have much more cover. It's one of the best installments. The cops actually seem smarter, they try to pen you in with their cars, they even use cover to their advantage. 

 The biggest improvement is the cars, I was blow away (literally when my head smashed through the windshield, and the rest of my body followed over a hundred foot drop to the concrete) by the physics, which excel with cars. I just love driving cars around aimlessly for 2hrs. Doing nothing but getting cops to come after me and them launching myself off a cliff to make them follow. Each car has a different type of speed, breaks, drift, acceleration, E-brake, collision power, and collision damage. (example: The fire truck is slow, has bad brakes, worse acceleration, but the power behind that thing is crazy. And the damage isn't that big) Sports cars break really easily, but are so fast it's easy to cross all three islands in about a minute (I'll post a map at the bottom to show how big the game is) . 

 Now, GTA 4 wouldn't be complete without cheats. Cheats are a huge part of this game, and the ability to store them so you don't have to type them in again is ingenious! I'm just a gamer who likes to mess around on GTA 4, so cheats are my thing, but in my opinion (hey, isn't that what this whole blog is about?) they make the game shine =]. I'm a bit peeved about the annihilator helicopter though. If my memory is correct, the heli in GTA SA had aiming crosshairs, this heli doesn't. Also since you can't use rockets (until you beat the game 100% or something like that) the machine guns are practically useless. If ANYONE has tips about how to even aim in that thing COMMENT and tell me! xD

 Overall Score: 8.75

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