Sunday, 30 May 2010

Chome Review

Remember when Halo 1 came out? Remember how different and new it was for the consoles? Remember talking to a PC gamer about it and him saying that he had seen and played better games? Playing halo now... it's not very all gameplay wise... the formula has been used so many times it's not very fun to play when you play a game using it. Chome is one of these games.

Story: You start the game as two mercenaries trying to steal some mugoffin from a science lab. You play as DUKE NUKEM!!!! You herd me the Duke, Sadly it's over whelming when the voice doesn't seem right for the character. Anyway you get betrayed and left to die... ummmm yeah that wasn't foreseen. Anyway you team up with Alyx Vances sister and go after him. OK i wasn't really concentrating of the story only of the Duke. For that reason it rocked.

gameplay: Well here it is the Halo aspect of it, this is why i didn't really enjoy this game, it does have some defences, like they use this resident evil 4 style inventory where you play tetris with your items sad thing is you can only have one main item and a pistol, this is my one complaint with the inventory there is no real room to experiment. The level design is bland but i blame it on the technology not the designers, but in some aspects i don't for one in the first level your under fire by a sniper, there is little to no cover so your going to loose a lot of health on the way to killing him, and you haft to i tried and it imposable to take him out from a distance.

The gun play isn't very good enemies don't put up much of fight meaning it'll get repetitive before long. Also the lack of auto save... yes i have gone that low. It's always annoying playing a game with no auto save i think games back them had them, i remember Half-Life having it, so why doesn't Deus Ex or Chome have it? it's not very hard or demanding for a level designer or coder. I maybe mistaken (if so i apologise) but it makes me annoyed and it's not very fun to replay a level you've just done to get cheap shot at the very end. Anyway the rest of the game you have played before and has been done better.

All in all the game isn't very good, but give me this game 5 years ago and i would of said it was good. Don't pick it up if you play allot of new shooters but if you like looking back at the past and play allot of old shooters pick it up.

Liam Hackett

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