Sunday, 23 May 2010

Wittyreviews: Kickassia!

Way back when, I discovered the joys and laugh inducing hilarity of I believe it was somewhere around when That Dude in the Suede left for 2 years. I remember that magical day when the Epic Brawl popped up and believe me I dorked like a mofo. All my favourte internet personalities and reviewers together in one spot to kick the living shit out of eachother, talk about a dream come true right? Some of them I even got into their stuff due to the brawl, such as Angry Joe and Benzaie. Hell, watching their stuff is half the reason I got into this business in the first place! So when I heard they were gonna make a 2 Year anniversary special, you'd think I'd be excited right? Oddly enough, no. My immediate reaction to the whole affair was "They can't possibly top their previous attempt, can they?" and I more or less wrote it off as a disapointment. Not to be insulting obviously, I just didn't think they could top the Brawl, but I still kept an ear open for news and boy was I gobsmacked. How could they top the Brawl? By the invasion of a fucking nation that's how! The nation in particular is the glorious micro-nation of Molossia. Now, I know what you're thinking; "What the hell is a Molossia?" well...I don't know. By some loophole this acre of land is somehow considered a nation, but the president of this proud nation, Kevin Baugh, allowed the crew to shoot the 2nd Year Anniversary special within his nation and bassicaly take it over. Although, unlike the Brawl, the special did not have almost all of the talent from the website it did contain most of the favourites and a few of the newer contributors, resulting in Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Spoony, Film Brain, Nostalgia Chick, Paw, Lee, 8-bit Mickey, Handsome Tom, Lord Kat, Phelous, Cinema Snob, Sage, Jew Wario, Marzgurl, Angry Joe, Benzaie, Chris Larios and even Ma-Ti from captain planet invading this micro nation and doing whatever the hell they wanted with it.

And all in all, I was greatly impressed. With it's complete run time, this 6 part special bassicaly ammounts to a feature length movie. It features cameos from just about all of Doug Walkers characters (though Melvin is left out) and even James Rolfes alter ego Board James aswell as other contributors to the site. As far the comedy goes, it's the usual quality delivered by the team. They nicely tie in a few of the running gags, Mr.Walker even dresses up as M.Bison for the duration of the Kickassia occupation in a very well put together costume, including a hat with the thatguywiththeglasses logo in it and even puts his own spin on the 'OF COURSE' gag. Spoonys alter ego, Dr.Insano, is always awesome and this time even plays a key role in the story instead of being an insert joke here or there. We finnaly get to see Lee from Still Gaming in 3 dimentions instead of still images, which actualy seems strange to me, I guess I'm used to seeing still images which of course leads to the running joke of Lee being unable to get over the fact he has fluid movement and texture. Mr.Larios plays an old fashioned American reporter, complete with a hat with a 'press' card stuck in the side of it. Nostalgia Chicks portrayal of Sarah Palin is supprisingly funny given the subject matter, as her repeated attempts to kill the Critic off fall on deaf ears and at one point even leads into a very Austin Powers-ish sketch. Though Sages, Linkaras and Angry Joes portrayals as a doctor, head of the FBI and generals respectivly is short lived, they do it very well and some of the time are very convincing. I especialy enjoyed Sages science logic of gun holding making you live; "I am holding an Uzi, and I'm alive! Science proven". Film Brain does supprisingly well protraying a weasely, pawn of a man who just enjoys serving his master, his giant grin just cracks me up. Other performances are the usual quality you'd expect, although some of them range from wierd to pointless. For instance, did Jew Wario do...anything? At all? Even 8-bit Mickey got more to do and Handsome Tom had a role..he was a flag pole!

If I had to some up what I think of the whole affair in a word it would have to be this: Fun. It's a group of entertainers getting together to do what they do best, entertain, and this do it very well. Snob, in fact, does supprisingly well as I never put him down as the acting type, at least not in great long roles but then again I don't watch him that often, not as often as I would like anyway.

Final Rating: 5/5

My advice is watch it if you're a fan, and if no just give it a try. You don't have to be an expert on everyone to enjoy it. As long as you enjoy semi-tastefull comedy you'll enjoy this movie...6 part..special thing.

By: Wittyreviewer

P.S Bum cameo was BLOODY AWESOME!

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