Saturday, 5 June 2010

Chome Specforce Review

Here we go again. Well now Chome Specforce has moved away from the Halo type of gameplay and now on to the Crysis with it's armor, but is this games as good as Crysis?

Story: You play as the same guy as you did in the last game, now he's with a universe police type army. You and a team mate go to this planet and blow up a plant, i had no idea what was going in the beginning of  the game. Then you blow up the game and get attacked, lets call them the empire. Your left 4 dead (haha) and need to get of the planet before you DIE!! Anyway you join with the Rebels and... it's Star Wars, Episode 6 to be exact. Sadly i got lost in the story just after the tutorial, so not a good story but it's a carrot on a stick approach.

Gameplay: OK this game game was released 3 years before crysis (2007 crysis was released and it still look good wow) anyway you have suit power... which i hardly used... yeah but in some ways that's a good thing it doesn't mean your stuck because of the developers wanting you to do a certain action to do with the suit, gives you freedom to do what you want.

OK the gun play  it good and i mean good, shooting just feels fun, i never used any other weapon except for the default, and it was fun i didn't need to experiment because i was having fun with the weapon i had. That's a shame because there's more room in your inventory to experiment, but i just used that for ammo and grenades.

The A.I. is OK, but the death animations are good, they give me satifactory that I've taken this big guy down. Fire fights remind me of F.E.A.R. but without the impressive A.I. sadly because of the lack of good A.I. i got board of it... quite fast. Thankfully there are some parts to sproose up the gameplay like a speeder chase in the woods with them becomes annoying because guess what there's still no autosave, this is the time of Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 people!!!

All in All i like this game it's not great but it's fun to play to kill time, and guess with you can get this for £5.99 on Steam what a deal and it come with Chome. Anyway it's no Crysis gameplay wise (and nowhere near graphical Crysis or Half-Life 2) but it's fun waste it lasts.

Liam Hackett

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