Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lead And Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West

Lead and Gold is a multiplayer shooter set in the wild west (not like any other game is going to be set in the wild west in the next few months) and shows allot of promise but is the PC community willing to but some time in it?

Game play: OK i put my hands up here, i wasn't able to play the game as long as i liked, mainly because of server issues I.E. ; lack of servers and lag in servers. So it's been very hard to put any type of good or bad on this game so you see what i haft to work with.

There are 4 classes: Sniper, Rifle, Shotgun and fast Shooter. All with fancy names but that's basically that's what they are basically. Sadly there's only going to be two classes that'll pick the Rifle and Sniper, mainly because your team can dominate half the team being the Sniper and the other half being the Rifle not to say it's not to under balanced but it is annoying.

The two game modes I've been able to find is ; "Shootout" which a team deathmatch variant and a capture or defend mode, where one team trues to rob a bank or mine and take the money wast the other team try to defend the money. Both of these are cool modes but Shootout has the problem of lag for example; sometimes your enemies will freeze because of lag meaning you can get 6 shots in there and they can't do a thing. The high ping level is probably coursed by the amount of detail on the maps (don't quote me on that).

That's as much  as i could get out of the game sort of sad, seeing the amount of effort went into this game, but the lack of servers and problems i had really hurt it. Yes there will be a fix and when that happens I'll be there waiting to play, but so far the lag kills it and it become nearly unplayable. I say look out for it on PS3 where the issues may go away.

Liam Hackett

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Wittyreviews: Avencast: Rise of the Mage

"That blood mage will mess you up good boi!"

Many of you may not know this but I used to be an avid player of World of Warcraft, why I did I give up? Because I got bored out of my skull that's why, all I wanted was a mount and by the time I got close to the correct level I was sick of seeing the same freakin' forest constantly. So I gave up on MMO's and went back to me war games. That is untill this game came my way, Avencast: Rise of the Mage is much like WoW and then not at all at the same time.

The gameplay is what you would expect, you move around using the traditional WSAD thing. But there are two aspects that get on my nerves while I see what they were trying to do, the camera is a pain in the backside and combat is rather clunky. The camera is controlled but holding down the ctrl key and moving the mouse around, but you can only have it just above you, or directly above you, or vice versa infront. That's a real problem, I'd be walking down a corridor in a dungeon with the camera behind me as best I can and then BAM an Imp comes up behind and whacks me.

The combat is rather frustrating too, it's a bit like a rail shooter, it has a riticule that is controled by your mouse as you walk around and click the right mouse button to fire a magic missle (MAGIC MISHLE) at the enemy, but hit detection is ass sometimes too. I swear, I have the riticule firmly over a stationary enemy and the missle goes RIGHT past them. You would not believe how annoying that gets, especialy at a boss. Thankfully though, that is taken care of when you realise you can have these epic spells to help. You get them by spending you level up points and they're cast by doing combo's like "up, left" or "left, right" or if you can't do that, the first 3 have short cuts like F1. You even have mellee combat, you can whack the enemy with your staff which is supprisingly effective. Which brings me to another aspect of the game, you have 2 basic classes you can use. Blood Mage and Spirit Mage. Blood Mages use mellee as their main weapon and all of the spells do things like fire strike and freezing the enemy in place. Spirit Mages use the more traditional spells, with their own twist. Like a wave that damages enemies to blasting enemies back. You can also summon creatures to help but you won't be doing that for a while.

The voice acting is so cheesy it's actualy funny. Nothing like hearing voices that don't go with the character at all right? The graphics are what you would expect for the time, a little pixely but the camera is at just enough of an angle that you can't quite tell...was that deliberate with the camera control then? But anyway, for all of my complaints the game is actualy really fun. The camera and combat is just frustrating enough that it makes you not want to just give up. The cutscene animation is nice, the combat is fluid even if I did say it's clunky, and the best bit is that the other spells you can cast look FREAKIN' AWESOME. One of them reminds me of Nanoha's devine buster. All in all, a fun game that's worth a go at the very least.

Final Score: 3/5

Give it a try, wuss.

By Wittyreviewer

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Guest Reviews: Homeworld

Greetings friends, today I bring to you a one-time review on a game known as Homeworld brought to you by Newcal5.

"Homeworld, in my opinion is a masterpiece. Althought it seems pretty simple, ships shooting around at each other in a 3-D space enivorment, was pretty advanced for it's time, 1999.

It was released by Relic Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment on September 28, 1999. Although it recieved little fans, the fans it did attract were immensely impressed by the game. The game even won the Game of the Year award.

The plot of the game was simple, and was originally going to be based on Battlestar Galactica. However, Relic never obtained the rights.

When you start a campaign, you have the choice of choosing two races, Taiidan, or Kushan (The canonical race.)

The multiplayer is moderatly supported, and is good once you get bored of the Single Player. (If you get bored of the single player.) The engine however, can be sometimes glitchy, but the emotions of the game and it's gameplay is amazing, in my opinion. If you like commanding fleets of battleships, or just playing a 3D game, Homeworld is the game for you. However, nowadays it's hard to find since it's been discontinued. If you're lucky you'll find it on some auction site, or if you're REALLY lucky you'll find it instores."

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mount and Blade Warband Review

So here we are a big medieval RPG with absolute freedom, what could be better, well you could play world of warcraft...Oblivion...OK there's allot of things you could play that may or may not be better. So how does Mount and Blade mount up? (OK sorry for the bad pun)

Story: ummm i don't really know what to write for this. Mainly because it's one of the choose your own story type of games. For example i was a brutal commander trying to find away to become king any way possible because it made my ball feel big (not saying that there not already big). The game reluctantly made this possible all you need to do is to stage a war by burning towns or raiding caravans. I've also talked to some friends who have this game and they say it's very reluctant in there games to.

Gameplay: You set out with nothing a small amount of money and one quest to kill a set of bandits that have made camp somewhere and stolen someones brother. Your task with getting a small group of people from villages and set out and kill the bandits. After that your left on your own out in a big wide world. It's a big scary place and your not quite shore what to do.

So what did i do? Well i got a big group of men, stole cattle forced people to give me there goods for free. then ran away from any type of authority. Then the rest is history became a commander back stab the king and when everything started to collapse around me, well i just retired up you herd me you can as a option give up. Then there's a text monologue and your done back to the start. There are some issues one time when i was playing, a big log of code errors, which presumed was a AI error because a big (and i mean 200 men big) came up to me and attacked me, i managed to win but then it happened again about one minute later, and there's a hole lot more bugs.

So should you pick it up? well it depends on what you want. So if you want a game with total freedom to do what ever you want buy it. If you want a game where the objective is clear then don't buy this game (you must have a silver spoon stuck in you head if you pick this option).

Liam Hackett

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sara Review

To start off this game is very subjective and challenging, so please take this review with a pinch of salt because even if i lick or dislike this game you maybe completely opposite than me. So lets get on with this.

Story: You play as Sara who may or may not be one of the last humans ever in the universe, this is all coursed by her going into a teliportation unit and appearing of the other end in a strange place where everyone is missing. The only person left is you and one other person who you never meat she's just in a cutsence or two, in fact all the games story is done in these silly little slide giving no emotion and doesn't make you want to find out what's happening. It reminds me of power point more than anything with it's slides.

Gameplay: OK this is where it picks up, it me minds me of metroid except there's no guns... or health...or unlocks, OK it's nothing like metroid the only simulate is the platforming and the puzzles. The game is striped down to it's basics then polished to near perfection. The puzzle are brain breaking hard, i mean good god how are people meant to work these things out. For example there's a planet where you need to power this sign to give you a code to open the door to get a part for your teleporter. Sounds simple well no it's not. There's a verity of mini puzzles which are really crawl and cleaver, really makes you think.

Also apart from getting parts for your teleporter you must recharge your ships batteries so you can get more parts. It's a circle that goes on and on. The style is great has this hand made style that no amount of 3D effects can beat. Unfortunately the music is rubbish it gets louder and there's no way to tern off (seriously no way) and it gets in your head and get louder and louder.

So this gets a big recommendation it can run on any computer and still looks great. It's cheap as chips and it'll last you for weeks.

Liam Hackett