Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Flotilla Review

OK third time lucky. Flotilla is umm... well it’s hard to say what it is, some of you may say it’s another arty games where bright lights and nice music replace any flaws the game may have. On the other hand is your Rodger Ebert, you’ll say that this game has serious issues, but what are the problems and the pluses.
Gameplay: Yes this is another Indie game where story is completely absent from the experience and I have no idea why, a game like this has all the elements for a good story;  deep space travel, epic battles and alien pigs and  fish. Sadly not as there is nothing to go on story wise. Anyway you set out to... well... go places. Nothing’s really put in place you start with 2 basic ship (which by the way can destroy anything with the right tactics).
The big thing here is the battles, with its bright art and piano music, relaxing you, as you go all out war on your enemies. You can’t just shoot and hope for the best, no there’s a certain type of skill you need to make this work.  The only way you can damage a ship is to hit them under or behind the ship, if not the bullets will just bounce off, but if you do hit bellow or behind the ship you will get a good amount of damage out of it.
You can get more ships but most of the time you’ll just stumble on them as you journey to well nowhere. Travelling is not fun, there’s no surprise all the red planets hold enemies all the neutral planets hold gifts or small battles, and the green planets hold bribes , it’s easy to tell when you’re in a good or bad situation giving you no surprise when you come across an foe. There is a skirmish mode with is fun but holds no real punches.
When you look at this game it looks like your getting allot for your money... sadly it’s shallow, nothing really to get you hooked yes is fun in short bursts but you’ll never get more than thirty minutes out of it, if you got some spare cash on you pick it up if not well you must be poor.
Liam Hackett  

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