Monday, 24 May 2010

Guns of Icarus Review

OK so here we are a indie game braving to release in probably one of the biggest months so far. So why the hell pick this one up with games like; Red Dead, Alpha Protocol and...well...blur (OK maybe not the last one). Anyway it big question is should you buy this?

Gameplay: the main aim of the game is to protect your ship and cargo from pirates of the sky, so what do you do? Shoot the hell out of them, with anything that can be propelled. The weapon you'll use most is the good old Gatling gun, but there are many others like rockets and Tesla canons. Most the time you'll just use the Gatling gun , and get super (just an upgrade for it) Gatling guns and so on. To get upgrades you must get threw levels with a certain amount of cargo, for example with 80% of your cargo remaining you can get armor upgrades and better weapons, with 50% you just get marginally better weapons.

The levels are plain no ground just sunset, which wouldn't be too bad in fact it looks pretty good but sadly there's no eye candy,nothing to really sell the experience. There's a wide range of plans to shoot down, sadly there don't have any sort of individual weak spot, so it feels like your shooting at the same plan but with a different look.

The levels are set out like this; fight off the enemy till you reach the end of the level, you do not take control of the ship just the guns. At the end of the campaign it's a last stand, you haft to survive for as long as possible that's you big score.The campaign is OK, little repetative.

All in All this game is nothing special but some effort, a nice look and idea, i would say give it a go but don't think you will play it more than once,this is a one trip pony.

Liam Hackett
(sorry for being short not much to the game)

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