Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lead And Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West

Lead and Gold is a multiplayer shooter set in the wild west (not like any other game is going to be set in the wild west in the next few months) and shows allot of promise but is the PC community willing to but some time in it?

Game play: OK i put my hands up here, i wasn't able to play the game as long as i liked, mainly because of server issues I.E. ; lack of servers and lag in servers. So it's been very hard to put any type of good or bad on this game so you see what i haft to work with.

There are 4 classes: Sniper, Rifle, Shotgun and fast Shooter. All with fancy names but that's basically that's what they are basically. Sadly there's only going to be two classes that'll pick the Rifle and Sniper, mainly because your team can dominate half the team being the Sniper and the other half being the Rifle not to say it's not to under balanced but it is annoying.

The two game modes I've been able to find is ; "Shootout" which a team deathmatch variant and a capture or defend mode, where one team trues to rob a bank or mine and take the money wast the other team try to defend the money. Both of these are cool modes but Shootout has the problem of lag for example; sometimes your enemies will freeze because of lag meaning you can get 6 shots in there and they can't do a thing. The high ping level is probably coursed by the amount of detail on the maps (don't quote me on that).

That's as much  as i could get out of the game sort of sad, seeing the amount of effort went into this game, but the lack of servers and problems i had really hurt it. Yes there will be a fix and when that happens I'll be there waiting to play, but so far the lag kills it and it become nearly unplayable. I say look out for it on PS3 where the issues may go away.

Liam Hackett

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