Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wittyreviews: Bioshock 2

Wow was harsh Liam,so here's my 2p so to speak.Yes,we have p here,not cents.

Ok,so I really liked Bioshock (No I never played System Shock so shut up) so when I found out this game was gonna be made I was pretty excited.When I found out it would take place AFTER the original Bioshock but you were going to play as the first Big Daddy I was a little confused.By the time the release date rolled around I ceased giving a shit.Although I did buy the game on the day I spent most of the week playing Mass Effect 2,so I only recently picked it up to play.Is it as good as the original? Well...I'm not really sure.The gameplay is almost exactly the same so nothing to praise it on there,so let's look at the plot first.

Anyone who played the original Bioshock knows it for 2 people in particular,Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontain.The two main villans,the plot twist was such a punch to the face that it left you wanting to keep playing just so you could punch Fontain in the face.And you did...sorta.Sadly though,Bioshock was one of those games that really only can play once,maybe twice.Anymore than that and it loses its flair.But,for those of us new-gen gamers it still remains pretty damn good.And yes,I am aware of the arguement about Bioshock vs System Shock but you have to remember a good portion of the younger gamers around today were not old enough to have played System Shock,I certainly wasn't so our opinion is based on Bioshock only.So how does Bioshock 2s plot hold up? Well,it's pretty lack luster.The original plot made you feel really involved in the game,for a fact you never found out the main characters name.It also had a deep meaning (if you were intelligent enough or had enough time to look into it) about sociological concerns regarding the past and todays society but for younger audiences it was kind of obscure even if it did get mentioned alot.Andrew Ryan believed every man was entitled to the things he produced as long as it benefitted society as a whole and built Rapture so people could persue this goal without the problem of restrictions,this ultimately lead to Raptures downfall aswell as monsterous mutation experiments and the psychological break down of some of the finest minds in science.In Bioshock 2 though,we have Sofia Lamb who believes that you should aim to better society no matter the cost.To almost contrasting opinions,which could have been interesting if they had implemented it in the all.Instead it's more like an after thought.Sofia Lambs take over does seem a bit underwhelming,Andrew Ryan we can understand right? He has the Adam,Sofia Lamb however mentions repeatedly during the opening moments of the game that hunting for Adam is forbidden and even later in the game that she needs it for her own experiment.So,what she used her psychology to take over? Thank you for explaining that game.Instead the main focus of the game is on Subject Delta (you,yes you are given a name now),the original Big Daddy.You see,back in the day Big Daddys were bonded to a specific Little Sister and if that sister died they either sank into a coma or went bat shit kill crazy.As it happend Deltas Little Sister was Eleanor Lamb,Sofias daughter.When Delta shoved his drill up the ass of a group of dunks who tried to kill her Sofia ordered Delta to remove his helmet,stick a gun to his head and kill himself.He did so of course.Years later you wake up in a pool of water fresh out of one of those handy Vita-Chambers.And Tenenbaum speaks to you,remember her? You get to see her face this time around.She promtly buggers off though and leaves you with Sinclair (esquire) who is your 'Atlas' for the game.The game revolves around Delta trying to reach Eleanor in time to save his and her life from the...mildly mean Sofia Lamb.Along the way you meet more moral choices,which are not as impactive as they were in Bioshock,now they're basically just "This man fucked you over before you were a Big Daddy,go cave his head in with a drill or let him go".Lastly,the game has 4 endings,2 evil,1 sad ending and 1 good ending.All of them are pretty good and damn evil Eleanor is hot but it still leaves you wondering what the hell Sofia Lamb was trying to do,sure she says she was trying to turn Eleanor into a genius to create a utopian society but then what? Take over the world? Create a master race? WHAT GAME,WHAT!? Still.she is a worthy successor to Andrew her annoying abbility to chime in over the radio every 10 secconds.

The game play is almost unchanged...that's not a complement.Aiming is still annoying as hell,especialy when Spider Splicers are involved and the infamous Drill is waaaaay under powered in my opinion.The Big Sisters are a nice touch but they're basically a powered up version of the Spider Splicers that can follow you around the level.The main big addition apart from the Sisters is the Brute Splicer,he's awesome,the The Thing on acid.My favourite quote from him is "Are you fucking serious?" which sums up my feelings about the game entirely.The research camera is also fucked up the ass,it works more like a film recorder now which means you have to beat the living hell out of the enemy in order to get the research points and even then it has the brass balls to tell you how! Other than that,I have nothing to say about the gameplay.It's almost the same as the originals.

Bottom line,the game is underwhelming.But so was the original so what are you complainging about? The story is half decent but not as good as the originals and the gameplay is unchanged.Talk of a Bioshock movie coming out is afloat also recently,I think that would make a good horror movie if they did it right.My rating:


Basically,it will do.

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