Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mass Effect 2 disc 1 part 2

After that great scene we cut to Michael Jacksons plastic surgery as he is pumped with chemicals. After that random scene we cut back to Shepard as he wakes up from a medical bed that he has been sleeping in for the last TWO YEARS (and there's no pillows). This is the first time we see the combat in the game well what to say about the combat. It's good better than the first game err let me expand. The combat is gears of war twoish, The cover is now the A button not the thumb stick (thank god). There is no overheat now so now you gun doesn't overheat when you need it, to replace it you have clips which is much better and feels much easier.

Anyway you fight threw a load of robots meeting some small and big characters. Later you meat the illusive man, i love this guy (and something will be up about him from me), anyway he tells you that hole human cities are going missing and you need to find out why. So you take your new crew and go to a planet that has recently disappeared and you meat one of your old crew members. Later you find out that the collectors are the problem ye you know the collectors? aliens? you know? aw well. So now your of to kick some rom..i mean collector ass, but before you poo your self with joy, you need to find and make them join your crew (goody 30 minutes of Gameplay to get threw three pages of story). Anyway you pick up your crew which takes hours and then you follow orders and get Bord of shooting things so you explore the galaxy (finally). This is where it gets more interesting, when you go to a planet you can scan it to find it's resources and sometimes the games take of a random encounter, which is a level that lasts less than five minuets. Also as i was saying about the resources, these can be used to upgrade items. Unfortunately it's never used to it's best ,upgrading is almost useless and you will never feel the effects of the upgrade, the only good upgrades are the prototypes (the big guns) and ship upgrades (which effect the ending).

End of part 2

Liam Hackett

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