Friday, 5 February 2010

Mass Effect 2 Review Part 1 Disk 1 the opening (spoilers)

Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to a game a didn't really like (on the xbox, the PC version was allot better) it's bad Gameplay made the good story experience a let down. I wasn't expecting much in this one either, the PR went completely the wrong direction making me question the game not wanting me to buy it. So is this game a buy or a pass?
 The game starts in a unknown location where two mysterious people talk about Shepard's talents and how he or she will be useful in manipulating the universe into believing that the reapers are a threat to everyone. We find out that "Shepard must live" to make this work or everyone is DOOMED! We then cut to the Normandy as it is flying around looking for geth after the attack on the citadel (The most important place in the galaxy), we find out that the crew are fed up looking for geth, as soon as you can say star trek 2 a unknown ship attacks the Normandy kill two minor characters (NO!!!), everyone heads to escape pods, Ashly Williams from the first game run in to Shepard how is all suited up and trying to hold the ship together till the alliance arrives. Ash tell Shepard that joker won't leave, Shepard tell ash to leave and that he will get joker off the ship. So far this scene takes from allot of films for example Star Trek 2 with it's everyone dies but everyone lives sense.

We have slice of Gameplay as you run to the front of the ship, this scene has a great atmosphere as you walk into a empty ship with a massive hole in the middle of it, away from the warning sounds on the ship and a moon just miles away. You can not run wast in the void of space giving you time to look around breathing in the thick atmosphere. We have another talking scene with joker then he agrees to leave the ship he get in the pod when the unknown enemy attacks again forcing Shepard to jump out the way, doing the heroic thing you close the pod without you you then get thrown into space. Your air tank then bursts leaving you struggling as you get thrown into the nearest moon. See you in part 2 tomorrow.

Liam Hackett 

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