Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mass Effect 2 part 3 (the rest of the game) BIG FAT UGLY SPOILERS RUN FOR YOU LIFE!!!

This where the game get really repetitive, the shooting never changes at all so it becomes really dull and boring. You've seen everything planet wise which also effects the combat seeing out the environment and the combat are one. So the ending gets bogged down and spoilt by two things.One:  the combat getting boring (said that) two: THEY GAVE AWAY THE ENDING IN AN INTERVIEW! you herd me. Any why the ending. You get a Reaper passport (well they don't call it that but that's what it is), by going onto a reaper which is a very fun level and one of the last good levels in the game. So you go on a suicide mission to save the universe from the collectors. As i will not spoil to much OW MY GOD SHEPARD CAN DIE!!! (come try to keep it together) You also save your crew ow sorry did i forget to mention that your crew gets captured ow well. You go and save them by travelling TO THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE!! So you have a dramatic battle to your crew and see the a twilight zone episode (to serve man). You save the crew send someone back to help them get to the ship and stop a terminator, yep a terminator. Well i say terminator it's actually a reaper that can't fly, only thing they do is "shoot frickin lazzer beams attached to it's eyes".

So you kill the terminator and either blow up the collectors ship or kill the collectors and keep the ship then you either die or live, and I've kept most the main spoiler points out so there are still some surprises in there. All in all it's one of the best RPG's of the year (well it is the first Dur). It's got it's problems, but so does everything (except me). So pick this one up, it's a wild ride.

Liam Hackett

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  1. Wow dude... I couldn't even read this, there were so many terrible grammatical errors. Please in the future proof read your shit.