Thursday, 25 February 2010

Super Lazer Racer Review

Super Lazer Racer is a cheap light show, with bright lights fast fun action. Why should you part with you hard urnt cash (£2.99). Well if you give me two minuets of your time I'll tell you OK.

Gameplay: The game is set up from a birds eye view, and you control your ship using the arrow keys, and here is where the action comes in. You can pick up attacks and use them against other ships, this makes the game a much much more fun. The guns make the games more competitive and doesn't always overpower the Gameplay.

There is a simple editor kit that comes with the game, and is very simple and easy to use, in time some really good maps may be made (only if you buy it). Ships control like there on a track of marbles, but as you play a couple of maps you'll get use to it.

All in all the game is cheap and fun. There's not much to say but it all clicks together like Lego, simple cheap but fun. Mmmmm come a little short today, umm ow here's something if you have "counter-strike: source" well here's a link ( go download load this map  you may recognise the uploader ;).

Liam Hackett

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