Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bioshock 2 review

As you all know it's valentines day today, and I've been hanging out with my friend system shock 2 and his mentally illed sister Bioshock and his son Bioshock 2, now i don't like Bioshock, he was a dumb down version of his brother. So now he has a son and I've been ask to examine the child to see if he's healthy. So is he?

Story:  You are Delta and he's one of the first working big daddies. Delta has lost his little sister and must find here. Also after Ryan's "death" another leader has taken up by the name of Lamb, she has taken rapture with communism. I've seen some of the characters from his farther and some new people, sadly there all from the uncanny valley. Sadly the child's story is under cooked. Revelations later on in the game become nothing more than just seen it done.

Gameplay: Sadly the child has non of his Fathers characteristics. He's now a armoured behemoth which makes me think that his unknown farther might of been the halo. The wrench is now replaced with a drill with limited  fuel, the rest is just your normal array of weapons just that they look different. The youneekness of levels has disappeared they all look the same and the open feel has gone with a linear sprawl. The threat of the big sisters are scripted. Now your a big daddy you now the choose of adopting a little sister, if you do you have the roll of protector, this is very tedious after the third time you do it. Little sister's don't die when you protecting them, only making the scene longer.

The outside water levels are just for show you do nothing and it serves as a A to B to the next area. Here's a tip make people punch sharks in the FACE! All in all the game is rushed. There's no soul in the game it's just a dull experience. The atmosphere is still there but nothing ground breaking like system shock 2 or UR Bioshock. Pick up system shock 2 if you haven't and if you must Bioshock but this game is not worth it.

Liam Hackett

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