Friday, 12 February 2010

Gish Review

This is filler and a unexpected one at the. Let me tell you a story boys and girls back in January I sent a ton of emails to companies trying to get review copies most went well, but some people didn't reply, well it seems that there in box must of had 600 emails because now I'm getting replies from them (about time), so here to is Gish made by a small company named "Cryptic Sea". So is this a game worth your hard rent cash or can it just stay with the group of glutenous game?

Story:  Well here we a girl and a lump of hot steaming tar yes tar. As I'm here saying this i want to say one thing why doesn't the princess never give out? I know a princess and a plummer is a bad combination but so is a girl and a lump of tar, maybe the princess is keeping secret with Mario i don't know like... what he found when unblocking the toilets and the princess promise Mario that she would give out if he kept it secret. Anyway your "girlfriend" is stolen and is taken underground. That it lets move on before i get back to the Mario and the princess thing.

Gameplay: You have three powers you can use on your way to find you finger quotes people "girlfriend". You can slide throw thin pipes, stiffen up to crush objects and stick to walls and floors. At the start of the game the Gameplay is fast and fluent and later the game gets  bogged down with enemy filling the screen, the game is at it's best in the first ten to fifteen minuets, but unfortunately it becomes too scared and throws in hundreds of people to satisfied dumb people. Let me talk about another game "mirrors edge" this game had a fast and fluent, it had enemy's but you didn't haft to fight them and they didn't become such a big deal, this game on the other hand became riddled in enemy's you haft to fight to get past certain areas.

All in all play it in small bursts if you're here to buy games and play them all in one then don't buy it I'll see you next time with the last part of Mass Effect and Bioshock 2.

Liam Hackett

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