Monday, 29 March 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 part 3

Here we are it big one (well for these two games). Both of these games are big on there multiplayer but which ones better? well there's only one way to find out...with a complaisant (not a fight).

First of lets start of with Battlefield. Battlefield has been one of my favorite series of game I've loved all of them (well most of them) they've left a big impression on me, the was you haft to use team work to rank up and win it used communication, not a Rambo style of playing. This is still true here, sadly as this game was made for the xbox and ps3 mainly some consolations have come up.

For one the maps have shrunk to almost half there size (Battlefield 2 I'm comparing it to), also there's not 64 size servers anymore which is a big hit seeing how Battlefield made it's name on big 64 player matches. also there ain't as Meany classes in the game, they've all been compacted into four, "Medic","Recon","Assault" and "Engineer". All these classes have been balanced and have a ton of unlocks.

There are two new main game modes "Rush" where one team defends two bombs and the other tries to plant 2 bombs, when both bombs are destroyed you haft to move up and plant more bombs. This mode is fun and is very addicting. The other mode is "squad deathmatch" which is mixed you have a full conquest map to get the most kills, most of the time you can't find anyone the other time your trying to shoot someone from the other side of the map looking for people.

Modern Warfare now. As you've most likely played this, I'll just give you my opinion. The gameplay is unbalanced, one person who has been playing it of every day will always beat the normal gamer and presaging is more useless than drowning (which is better and will put you out of your misery).

So as you can see i like battlefield better, but there both as bad as each other. Battlefield has the better multiplayer and Modern Warfare has the better singleplayer (can't believe i just said that). So if you like your funny stories and good multiplayer pick battlefield if not pick MW 2.

Liam Hackett

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