Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sara Review

To start off this game is very subjective and challenging, so please take this review with a pinch of salt because even if i lick or dislike this game you maybe completely opposite than me. So lets get on with this.

Story: You play as Sara who may or may not be one of the last humans ever in the universe, this is all coursed by her going into a teliportation unit and appearing of the other end in a strange place where everyone is missing. The only person left is you and one other person who you never meat she's just in a cutsence or two, in fact all the games story is done in these silly little slide giving no emotion and doesn't make you want to find out what's happening. It reminds me of power point more than anything with it's slides.

Gameplay: OK this is where it picks up, it me minds me of metroid except there's no guns... or health...or unlocks, OK it's nothing like metroid the only simulate is the platforming and the puzzles. The game is striped down to it's basics then polished to near perfection. The puzzle are brain breaking hard, i mean good god how are people meant to work these things out. For example there's a planet where you need to power this sign to give you a code to open the door to get a part for your teleporter. Sounds simple well no it's not. There's a verity of mini puzzles which are really crawl and cleaver, really makes you think.

Also apart from getting parts for your teleporter you must recharge your ships batteries so you can get more parts. It's a circle that goes on and on. The style is great has this hand made style that no amount of 3D effects can beat. Unfortunately the music is rubbish it gets louder and there's no way to tern off (seriously no way) and it gets in your head and get louder and louder.

So this gets a big recommendation it can run on any computer and still looks great. It's cheap as chips and it'll last you for weeks.

Liam Hackett

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