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Wittyreviews: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu 2009/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009

Oh go f**k yourself

I feel your pain Mikuru,I really do.

Imagine, if you will, that you had waited about 3 - 4 years for the seccond season of one of your favourite animes to come out. You finnaly hear that it will be out in about a month or two. You'd be excited right? Finnaly more of the good stuff. The episodes start up nice and what do you get? The exact same thing over and over and over and over again. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Endless Eight! The greatest trolling event since My Immortal!

Before I get into anything let me just say I am assuming you have seen the first season at least because I'm going to talk like you know what's going on. Remember Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings? The guy that nobody likes? The chapter that everyone skips? That's the Endless Eight arc in the nutshell, anyone who has read anything to do with Haruhi usualy skips this chapter entirely, so why did KyoAni decide to make about 60% of the series about it? Because it prints money bitch! Aaaaawww snap!

But seriously, it eats. The basic gist of it is that the summer holidays have come around and Haruhi, in all her infinate God wisdom, has come up with a nice long list of activities for the S.O.S Brigade to do during their final week, homework unfinished Kyon is roped into it also. Now, the first thing I feel the need to draw attention to is the pool scene, I won't deny I drooled over the swim suit Haruhi the first time I saw it, the FIRST time, you'll know what I mean in a moment. Over the course of the week the brigade spend all of their time doing Haruhi's activities regardless of whether they want to or not, by the end of it she is still not satisfied and the episode ends. Boring, pointless and stupid even by this shows standards. So, yeah next week rolls along and the next episode comes out. You sit down to watch it's exactly the same episode. Was I the only one who thought the subbers got it wrong? As it turns out NO! The group are suddenly supprised when Mikuru finds out a serious problem, she is suddenly unable to return the future. Almost as though it's not there anymore. Through the due course of plot and time they find out Yuki knew that all along, why? Because this isn't the first time this has happened. As it turns out, the last week of the summer break is stuck in an endless loop doomed to repeat over and over again and Yuki remembers it all. If they don't find out why Haruhi is causing this in time, things will reset and they will forget again. They do this for a number of episodes even I don't have the stomach to count untill they find out what the problem is, Haruhi was...bored. Basically the get together to do their homework and things continue on fine. FUCK.ME.

I gotta explain something now, if you struggled on like I did through Endless Eight you probably only did it for one reason, loyalty to the brand name. It was Haruhi! It had to get better right? And...well, it did. The final arc of the series is actualy pretty awesome. The making of the Adventures of Mikuru Asahina, that wierd episode from season 1 that made no sense, you know the one. It's actualy pretty funny and worth struggling through Endless Eight to see, in my opinion anyway.

Final thoughts on this series, it was bad. Very VERY bad. All that time for this? What a rip off! Did KyoAni even try!? And now they ehave the balls to try and make up for it by releaseing a movie? Hell no! I'm going to watch it expecting a let down, if it turns out to be good I will very supprised. And you know what else? My sources (who wish to remain anon) tell me that even the cast of the show were sick of Endless Eight by the end of it. They weren't even looking at their lines by the time they got to the final episode because they'd been saying them over and over again for so long. The final arc is just barely, barely enough to keep it floating.

Final Score: 2/5

You know what? I'm not really satisfied with this review, so allow me to address some common Haruhi viewer comments. Some people some to believe this anime is a harem anime, erm why? What you mean the Mikuru meido and bunny girl thing? Well yeah I guess but compare it to Girls Bravo, no where near as bad. So yeah, ECCHI COMEDY > HAREM big difference people. But personaly, I like Ecchi Comedys, I find that kind of thing funny.
The characters are one dimensional, no really? I would never have guessed. If you want involving characters go watch an anime that takes it self seriously. Ok that was harsh, my real point is that they aren't meant to be!
if you or anyone else have these issues just stop and think would ya? If this show isn't your cup of tea than take it in good stride, in fact why are you even reading this if you DON'T like the series?

By Wittyreviewer fro Feral Entertainment.

P.S The only reason I explained Endless Eight was to save you the torment of watching all of it.

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