Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rise of Prussia

Well here we are a RTS set in one of the most over use places ever Prussia or now Afghanistan. As we know RTS's have become more and more complex ever since Total War came along.In some ways this is a bad thing. I loved when you could just load up a map and play a simple skirmish, but sadly that doesn't happen anymore.

Story: Well this is intresting, The story tells the ups of Prussia and all it's major battles (if you know them). However it's only a setting there's no voice acting only texts which can only give an expericance to some small level. So the story is not that good.

Gameplay: Ok this is where it gets generic. Lets put it like this, copy and paste every line of code in from Total War change how it looks and the interface and you have Rise of Prussia. The new interface is more confusing to me than any other RTS. The reason why is because the buttons are tiny on my 18 inch screen and the text that explane it, is small and gave me a headace reading it. Apart from that it's pritty basic, take over the map anyway you want to.

The map is huge and the levels takes hours to compleat this is all good but sadly the game gets repetative and way to well familiar, i've played it before and played better. All in all the game is way to familiar, everything else well it can be fixed but then are you willing to pay £24  for a game that you have already played. Buy it if you haven't played Total War if you have consider it.

Liam Hackett


  1. I have played Rise Of Prussia (ROP) demo and I know previous Ageod games (ROP is sharing the same game engine) and I'm somehow surprised by Mr Hacket's review.

    ROP is NOT a RTS, it's nearer a wargame : each player is planning his move for 15 days. Computer will then execute them simultaneously, automatically resolving fighting.

    ROP has nothing to do with "strategic" mode of Total War : in Total War you're moving your troops without any consideration for supply, army organization, weather, etc. All these parameters have importance in ROP.

    If you want 3D graphics with stunning effects, real time fighting or are not ready to give some time to understand rules, don't buy this game. If you are looking for a game with deep historical feeling, where victory is reached by strategy and planning : ROP is the one you should buy.

  2. Looks to me like the reviewer didn't actually play the game, just looked at it and gave up!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments but i do play every game i am given for a day then put my opion of the game. This game I found to be a bit copy and paste, but don't get me wrong i look at this game and see that a lot of effort was put in this, but htere's just something that's niggleing away when playing this game.

  4. 1. As previously stated, ROP is not an RTS; rather it is a simultaneously-executed (or We-Go) TBS (you might want to check those acronyms up to get them "under control") - anyone expecting to get tank rushed by the AI in this game will have to wait for quite some time.

    2. The game, in contrast to say the Total War series, digs deep into C3I - i.e. you need to get your command structure and supply network in place rather than just stack a number of units and march off into enemy lands without regards to supply lines or scouting.

    3. ROP does lack voice acting; to some, this comes as a relief...

    Anyway, RTFM and GLHF! //VT

  5. You're a funny idiot Hackett. Weirdly your review was the one customer review at GamersGate for this game - I just hope people don't listen to your opinions. What are you talking about 'Story' and 'the levels take hours to complete'? There aren't levels, its a historical wargame. It surprises me that you think this game is just like any other, when it's very clear you are totally ignorant of this genre. And don't come back with some crap about the strategic mode of Total War. Its because of people like you games developers dumb down their games with every incarnation. And since when has 18th Century Prussia been an overused subject?

  6. So...

    Rise of Prussia is an RTS? I find that very interesting considering the game is turn-based. Have you actually played it? I mean...didn't you notice the game is TURN-BASED?

    This is a strictly strategic game that has almost know tactical choices. You have no part in the actual battles other then positioning the troops etc.

    I'm sorry but this was a horrible review. Next time play the game.

  7. Guess he could not read the End Turn button.

  8. >>The map is huge and the levels takes hours to compleat this is all good but sadly the game gets repetative and way to well familiar