Thursday, 25 March 2010

Battlefield bad company 2 part 2

OK this part is very late, mainly because i had to play MW2 again. So what did i think of BFBC2's gameplay and how does it fair with MW2's gameplay? Well that's why I'm here.

Well here it goes BFBC2's gameplay on the single player is pretty bad why? well i was playing it on the PC  and it didn't feel right it felt restricted and unnatural, that's mainly because of a strange aim assist which hinders the gameplay not help it. Meanwhile in MW2 the gameplay is almost perfect the way the guns work and the level design compliments it. Sadly that isn't always try one of the best experiences in that game was the level "Takedown", it's level design was very well made how there's both multiple path's and how you will always be in the same area without knowing. Sadly this only happens in that level the rest is just forgettable.

Sadly BFBC2 has pretty generic nothing seems to stand out and nothing we haven't seen before. The AI is nothing special, your team mates are invincible and do more than fire randomly, and your enemies just eat bullets and there's no challenge. The only challenge is trying to find some cover that won't be gone in five seconds flat.

Unfortunately i have no choose than to give the point to MW2 witch makes it one all, but we have one more subject multiplayer. So I'll see you then and i hope this one won't be late.

Liam Hackett

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