Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mount and Blade Warband Review

So here we are a big medieval RPG with absolute freedom, what could be better, well you could play world of warcraft...Oblivion...OK there's allot of things you could play that may or may not be better. So how does Mount and Blade mount up? (OK sorry for the bad pun)

Story: ummm i don't really know what to write for this. Mainly because it's one of the choose your own story type of games. For example i was a brutal commander trying to find away to become king any way possible because it made my ball feel big (not saying that there not already big). The game reluctantly made this possible all you need to do is to stage a war by burning towns or raiding caravans. I've also talked to some friends who have this game and they say it's very reluctant in there games to.

Gameplay: You set out with nothing a small amount of money and one quest to kill a set of bandits that have made camp somewhere and stolen someones brother. Your task with getting a small group of people from villages and set out and kill the bandits. After that your left on your own out in a big wide world. It's a big scary place and your not quite shore what to do.

So what did i do? Well i got a big group of men, stole cattle forced people to give me there goods for free. then ran away from any type of authority. Then the rest is history became a commander back stab the king and when everything started to collapse around me, well i just retired up you herd me you can as a option give up. Then there's a text monologue and your done back to the start. There are some issues one time when i was playing, a big log of code errors, which presumed was a AI error because a big (and i mean 200 men big) came up to me and attacked me, i managed to win but then it happened again about one minute later, and there's a hole lot more bugs.

So should you pick it up? well it depends on what you want. So if you want a game with total freedom to do what ever you want buy it. If you want a game where the objective is clear then don't buy this game (you must have a silver spoon stuck in you head if you pick this option).

Liam Hackett


  1. Your review is extremely basic, mispelled, and uninformative. Thanks for the write-up but delve into the game a little mnore before making a premature judgement. Just constructive critisism.

  2. I actually have to agree with the above poster - I haven't played warband myself, although I have played Mount & Blade. I came here because someone, I assume the reviewer, had posted a review of another game at gamersgate.

    To be honest, I was puzzled that the reviewer had posted a basic, misspelled, and stuttering review with a link to this site, and I wanted to see if he had just suffered a stroke or something - it happens.

    Now, of course, I realise it's just another hack on the internet, passing out his less than insightful judgement on things he knows nothing about.

    This blog doesn't review games - it states an opinion about games. There is a difference. It's mostly about style and flair, but I digress. Still, the reviewer should probably take some evening classes before doing any more reviews.

  3. It looked like a sweet game, and this review ( really got me into it!