Sunday, 11 April 2010

Guest Reviews: Homeworld

Greetings friends, today I bring to you a one-time review on a game known as Homeworld brought to you by Newcal5.

"Homeworld, in my opinion is a masterpiece. Althought it seems pretty simple, ships shooting around at each other in a 3-D space enivorment, was pretty advanced for it's time, 1999.

It was released by Relic Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment on September 28, 1999. Although it recieved little fans, the fans it did attract were immensely impressed by the game. The game even won the Game of the Year award.

The plot of the game was simple, and was originally going to be based on Battlestar Galactica. However, Relic never obtained the rights.

When you start a campaign, you have the choice of choosing two races, Taiidan, or Kushan (The canonical race.)

The multiplayer is moderatly supported, and is good once you get bored of the Single Player. (If you get bored of the single player.) The engine however, can be sometimes glitchy, but the emotions of the game and it's gameplay is amazing, in my opinion. If you like commanding fleets of battleships, or just playing a 3D game, Homeworld is the game for you. However, nowadays it's hard to find since it's been discontinued. If you're lucky you'll find it on some auction site, or if you're REALLY lucky you'll find it instores."

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