Friday, 15 January 2010

Zombie Driver Review

Remember when you where a kid and you had a PC or NES.You would always find this cheap game with a weird plastic casing and was made by a company you had never herd of. Well there indie companies, a small game company, making cheap games for cheap prices normal with a budget of ten pounds. Now a days all the best indie companies have set up on steam, so I'm going to look at some indie games seeing what are the good one and what are the bad ones. To start of with I'm going to review Zombie Driver.

Story: A explosion at a power station has terned people into zombies, you being one of the survivors must find other survivors, in a taxi, super car, limo and many other things with four wheels. Well that what i could figure out, most of the story i had to figure out for my self (it may not be a power station but it's a building that blows up that's good enough for me). The point is that you, yes you must run over zombies, find survivors and move on. In it's defence zombie games don't need to have a story, look at left 4 dead, lacking in story but makes up for it in the Gameplay.

Gameplay: You drive a car (of some type) driving around, running over zombies picking up survivors from schools, pubs and any other type of building. When i first loaded up the game I drive in to the nearest group of zombies i could find, but then all of a sudden my car slowed right down and I was taking damage, that's when i flashed back to last Wednesdays when i ran over a group of old Lady's (there fault the light was green), and my car was damaged because of all the flash was jammed into the wheels. So yes you slow down because of the flesh, not to say that's a bad thing, it brings allot of strategy to the game.

No the annoying thing is the camera it'll get in you way, for example a took a hard tern and the camera swung round so it was facing the car, then what normally happens is that the camera will take it's time of swing really fast making you drive into the pole. Another bad thing is the destructible in environments, most of it good but sometimes you think your driving into a flimsy wall but your not your driving into a brick wall with wood on it. The worst problem is the verity of missions being only one, you will soon get board of the game only playing 20 minuet bursts, but you'll always come back for more.

So all in all this is a good game, but it could of been so much more, for example, they could of added in some levels where you have a race with other cars trying to avoid the undead so you won't slow down and lose the race,But I say pick it up it's only £6 and it's worth the money.

Liam Hackett

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