Monday, 25 January 2010

Bob Came In Pieces review

Bob Came In Pieces is a very good indie game. Bob reminders me of another very good game Portal. Think about it there both puzzle base, both original and both very very fun. However Bob does have it's problems, but do the problems stop you from buying the game?

Story: The story follows Bob a green delivery boy. However one day when making a delivery he is struck by a meteor and sent crashing down to a planet in the middle of nowhere, which makes him LOST IN SPACE!!! (if only he was a pig who was a puppet) Although the story is delightfully silly you only here on it in the beginning and end cut scene which is a bit disappointing.

Gameplay:  Gameplay is very simple and very fun. You start the game with a ship with simple four thrusters (for north, east and west), but later on you will need to remake your ship that will go beyond the simple ship design. To do this you will need to rebuild your ship to help you with the puzzle you are faced with this is normally a physics puzzle but sometimes you will get puzzles the will need you to burn or Carry's stuff. To rebuild your ship you haft to find a pad that will enter you into a build mode this is where you can build you ship in anyway (as long you have enough peaces and you keep the main ship part).

Some of the puzzles are very clever with excellent design to boost. One of the problems is that you will never get to the brain busting hard puzzles till about 80% threw the game which is slightly disappointing. As i was saying you need certain ship parts to get threw certain puzzle for example a anti-gravity lift to pick up fallen logs that are blocking your way, or building a big pipe out of you ship trying to balance it so it will slightly touch a rock so it'll roll into place.

All in all the use of gravity and great level design make it a great almost perfect game (you herd me), unfortunately the story is not that long but at the price of £6.49 (or £4.87 till the end on Jan 2010) you must haft to buy this game.

Liam Hackett

Buy it!


  1. "Have" to buy. The word is "have." A haft is a handle to a knife. learn2english plz

  2. Sorry "iespell" must of miss that one i'll get on it.