Saturday, 16 January 2010

Wittyreviews: 11Eyes

"For friends and for tommorow"

The Spoonyone once said: "It doesn't have to be good,to be awesome".Ladies and gentlemen,11Eyes is the perfect example of this.It's kick ass to see,horrible as hell if you sit down and think about it.It brings up plot points and then drops them lick lead weights,the characters have the same dimentions as an A4 sheet of paper and if you've ever seen Shakugan no Shana you've seen this before,I however have not so my view is fresh,but I know enough about Shakugan no Shana to know this show is cliche.

The basic plot is good enough to make it into an awesome,albiet predictable sci-fi show.It all revolves around an even known as 'The Red Night' which can happen at any time,anywhere,as long as it is within this single city.During The Red Night everyone disappears,demonic creatures that Kingdom Hearts wouldn't take roam the city,the Moon turns red and great spires shoot into the sky towards large crystals imprisoning a small girl.Only 6 teenages can witness this strange occurance and they gain powers to help them fight the evil within the Red Night aswell as the mysterious Black Knights who guard the crystals.Sound familiar? No? Well it should,it's the basic plot of alot of things.Kids gain power,fight monsters,rinse and repeat.Not that this is a bad thing of course,it's been done well before.There is only one problem with this show's too short,the entire series is only 12 episodes long.12 episodes is not long enough to flesh out a story like this.This king of story needs plot development,character development,a substantial back story and a main villan that doesn't only appear for 20 minuits! This show also has alot of Higurashi elements in it,one of the female leads called Yuka goes into Rena mode about halfway through the series and almost kills one of the other female leads called Misuzu! This is one girl you do not mess with and even though I really like Rena,Yuka creeps me out,she even gets naked at one point..what the hell?

Which brings me to another point,the characters are seriously one dimentional,the only ones with depth are Yuka,Misuzu and the male lead Kakeru.The other characters are just sort of...there,for plot convinience I guess.Although Yukiko is awesome at times,especialy at the end of the series.There's also a couple of boob jokes in this series,they have no purpous except to make you laugh and even me,who thinks ecchi comedys are hilarious,doesn't find them funny,just wierd.But enough of my complaining,what's awesome about it? Any given action scene that's what! If there is one thing to merit this series on it's that the fight scenes are epic to see,not too flashy but just enough to keep you interested.I did expect a sort of Nanoha-esque final fight but there wasn't one sadly,but then again it might be better that way.

In short,is it good? No.Is it epic? Yes.I'm thinking Seikon no Qwaser is going that way too but that's for another time.My final rating: 3/5

Worth a watch but don't expect ground breaking stuff.

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