Sunday, 17 January 2010

AI War: Fleet Command and The Zenith Remnant

What do we have here? A Indie strategy game? With it's own Metacritic score? You must be taking the piss? No it's not, this game does have it's own Metacritic score and yes it is an indie game, quite strange really, but as we all now I refuse to give scores to my reviews (and always will) but it is impressive. Any how screw the score, lets see if i liked it.

Story: It's the future and civil war has broken out, but who cares because it never comes up in the game. It only comes up in the main menu never in the game, which sucks but still it's not as bad as Star Wars Episode 1.

Gameplay: This is why we play Indie games, for there simple gameplay.... Wait did i say simple? NO I mean complex gameplay. Let me give you an example: To win a game you must take over plants destroying everything in your way (it's a bit more complicated than that, but that's basically it). So how do you take over a planet, well you must first build an army to destroy it docks and command base, to build an army you must manage your Crystal, metal and energy intake. To do that you must build mines and energy plants. Than when you've done that you must build a thousand ships (no joke), and then you go threw a  portal to another planet and fight your way to the command ship once thats done ( there's more repetitive duologue from me) you build a ship (i forget it's name but who cares?) that will build a command ship then you must manage it's energy, metal and crystal input and it goes on. The point is there's allot of forget in this game and if you do forget something you will lose.

All in all (yes this was a short one) there's nothing much to it once you've mastered the basics you'll have moved onto the main party part (the multiplayer) and by then you'll be hooked. There's nothing much to the space battles, all it is, is one big management task, and you know what it's fun. I say pick up Fleet Command and if you still like it get Zenith Remnant.

Liam Hackett

P.S. The Zenith Remnant just gives you more ships.

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