Friday, 29 January 2010

Toki Tori Review

O.K. this is a hard one. Um how do I put this? Lets see, good puzzles and that's where it all goes blank (You see what I'll mean when i go into detail). To say what it is, well it's a simple puzzler and that all it is a simple puzzler, but does this puzzler keep you playing or do you just leave it right where it is.

Story: You are a bird court up in this evil egg stealing plot, where every egg of your kind has been stolen and is now trapped. You yes you must save them by touching the eggs so the cage trapping them will explode. However that's where it ends, it seems indie games have little to no story which is a shame.

Gameplay: As i said you need to find eggs that are scatted around a small compact map, to help you get the eggs, you have "powers" like teleportation or bridge making. The difficulty curb makes a sharp tern right at the begging of the game the first 3 level are easy then all of a sudden the game gets hard and then really hard and then it's the next level then it's easy again and repeat. The puzzles are fun so there's no reason to complain about that.

 The game is very safe which makes it hard to review. There's nothing much too it and there is allot of replay value, so it makes it perfect for kids. So should you buy it, well when you have some spare cash buy it.

Liam Hackett

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