Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wittyreviews: King Arthur: The Role-Playing War Game Expansion - The Saxons

"I'm back, what'd I miss?"

Many moons ago I reviewed the game King Arthur: The Role-Playing War Game. I greatly enjoyed it, and recently I was given a free copy of the new expansion pack The Saxons. So thanks Neocore! This one is for you.

The Saxons breaks away from the mould set by the original game by takeing out a 'plot', so to speak, entirely from the equation. Instead, it goes back to the format so popular with franchises like the Total War series. You play as the saxons (duh) in their effort to...kill things. All the usual stuff is in there, the various other nations, who remain unchanged, you have Knights to go out and lead armies, you have food and money, you have the odd quests to complete and everything comes together nicely. In it's fundementals, not much has changed. My appologies, but this will be a short one.

Major changes exist however, gameplay changers in some ways. For instance, you now have greater control over diplomacy within your kingdom. You can send gifts and do other things to help boost your reputation with other nations and request peace treaties, trade agreements and stuff like that; it's a nice little addition. Aswell as diplomacy with other kingdoms, you can interact with theives, marauders, priests and even the Sidhe to get them to help you. The priests and the Sidhe can give you units if they like you enough but for some reason it decreases your reputations, while I'm not gonna fault it on that I do wonder why? Speaking of whys, King Arthur is still in the game. Yeah, King Arthur can be your enemy. Talk about a switch eh? Other than that, we have a few new unit types. All the old favourites are back obviously, but we also have our feathered friend above. Sadly, at the time of this review I am unable to account for it's prowess but by the looks of it, it could kick my ass every which way I care to look. Although I can't help but noticed the illuminati eye on it's shield, hmmmmm. You now can stipulate how the campaign will end, much like Total War, this is a nice edition if you, like me, enjoy CONQUERING ZE VORLD one province at a time.

And really, that's where the major differences lie. It's a nice little expansion though, I have to say, I hope in the future they release an expansion where we may play as the Sidhe, that'd be awesome. Perhaps with it's own mini story. Other than that, I'm just happy to have more King Arthur to play, although it doesn't add too much so the score is gonna have to be:

Final Score: 3.5/5

Get it, have some fun!

By: Wittyreviewer

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