Saturday, 17 July 2010

Deus Ex Review

AAAAAAH the weekend, no work to do, a whole afternoon... to write a review. Yep well at least it's a game I know off by heart. Deus Ex is one of these games where I played it as a child then forgot about it, then one day found the first one and the second one in a steam deal for £4. So did I like it or.... did I hate it? (what you think?)

Story: There's this plague that's killing everyone, and there's very little of the cure, so there is world wide panic, which means terrorist groups are starting to form and the world is slowly declining into chaos. You play as JC Denton a guy with no emotions, only the fact of reason. This makes it a little hard for you to get into the character to start of with, but after a few mission you start to get into his role and it gets good. You have a brother Paul Denton (your a clone of him), who looks nearly identical to you, but he has different ways of looking into reason. For one Paul is a more non-lethal person. While your more of a lethal person. This comes in later in the plot.

I've just noticed that I haven't even touched on the over hanging plot, I've only covered about 10% of the plot and I'm just going to keep it that way because it's truly an epic story. You all over the world to; New York to Hong Kong, this is an excellent plot with it's twists and turns and your involvement with the plot.

Gameplay: As JC denton (i.e. half machine half human) you get special skills which can be customised out to your liking. For example I was a stealth and computer hacking type of person, so I focused in electronics and lock picking, but how I like the skills is how they all stay constant threw out the game, there's always a way that one skill can be fully used throughout the game. Another thing is that you can play the whole game with out killing a single person (don't comment saying it isn't I've seen it done). Which is a cool feature. OK what I'm trying to get across is that you can do pretty much play it any type of style you want which gives you total freedom in some sense. You can also find special augmentation packs which give you a special ability such as seeing and the dark and having slower footsteps when you run.

However there are two certain things that totally break the game, one is a pick up and one is a augmentation. The pick up is this special type of lazier sword where it's almost one hit kills, but I will sort of let that one go because you have to get up close to use it. The augmentation is this healing factor where when activated you will slowly heal, doesn't sound like much well that's until you upgrade it to it's top level when that happens your pretty much invincible. That said in some ways the game is still challenging throughout the game. The inventory is a Resident Evil 4 style where you play tetris with you items. You may realize this review is very unstructured, well that's because there's so much in this game that I can't cover it all with out giving away the plot.

All in all I love this game it's probably one of my favorites and that's not from a nostalgia look. I would fully recommend a pick up of the game. It's £5 on steam so why not? (does not include Invisible War). It's been highly praised as one of the classics of PC gaming I can see why, but would I rate it that, but it is worth a look and I enjoyed it to bits. 

Liam Hackett 

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