Sunday, 25 July 2010

Monkey Island 2 Review

Monkey Island 2 is one of my childhood favourites so when I heard about the new special edition , I was stocked, now I don't need to dig out the old floppy disks (12 if i remember correctly) and find an old mt32 on ebay. So what did I think of the new art work, voice acting and script changes?

Story: You play as Guybrush Threepwood, someone who wants to look manlier then he really is to cover up his more feminen look. If you remember from the first game (and if you didn't play it then why aren't you playing it  right now) we left Guybrush and Elaine (love interest) watching the fireworks for the ghost corps of LeChuck. Seven months later allot has changed, Guybrush is now looking for more fame and fortune looking for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop while boring  anyone who asks the story of LeChuck.

There are allot of twists and turns in the story and the lines are very witty and all in all very cleaver being this is a Lucas Arts game and this is before they weren't  fixed in making bad Star Wars games. Also this is when Adventure games where at the top of there prime so you know that allot of effort and work when it to the story.

Gameplay: Well before I start let me just say that back in the day PC games could only have one of two things; good gameplay or good story because of disc space so this may go all guns on this but just saying that there was a reason. Now back to the review.

Adventure games are all about the puzzles for example in the first game you needed to find away to get a monkey statue's head open. The way you did it was very funny this is the only way to make a puzzle game that has legs for example portal very funny game. So the reason why point and click games died out was because they where very dull and there was a better option the FPS, MK2 is not one of these games, why? Because the story made the gameplay bearable. Yes puzzles are fun but playing a game more than once with the same puzzles do get rather dull. So that's why story is key in point and click games.

So because of this the gameplay when you add it up is bad, however the story and the humor side of it with Guybrush the dog and the skeleton dance puzzle. So all in all Monkey Island 2 is a brilliant game and at the cost of 6 pounds it is worth a pick up.

Now with that out the way time to move on to the ending and the sequels.OK spoilers, at the end of Monkey Island 2 you find out that everything (and I mean everything) was all based around Guybrushes imagination (Guybrush was in fact a child which made sense about him wanting to look more manly) and that Big Whoop was a theme park that his parents had taken him to. Guybrush runs away in his excitement and his parents tell his brother Chuckie (LeChuck) to go after him and bring him back. The both answered allot of questions and left only one string to tie up but that was only because there was meant to be a third game but Ron Gilbert left Lucas Arts before that could happen. However that was OK because there was your imagination to fill in the blanks.

Liam Hackett

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