Monday, 7 June 2010

Half-Life 2 Beta Source Interview

Today I was lucky to get an interview with two of the developers behind Half-Life 2: Betasource (Moddb page).  MrCr@ck (Project leader) who does Graphics,mapping, Scripting, Sound design and Modeling behind the project and Mike (a.k.a Pupkin) who does Modeling and Mapping.

If you are a coder or texture artist looking for work please contact MrCr@ck


What made you do this mod?

MrCr@ck: It was an idea. I did not like the other processing leaked version, so I decided to make are own.

Mike: Well, I'm not the mod's creator, but I'm a big fan of the beta, and this mod actually did the more exciting things about it, I mean I've seen the Borealis or AirEx a hundred times already, but barely any beta cities or things like skitch ;D

How did you find away to add Skitch into the story and how you going to add him via gameplay?

Mike: Probably he will be the mod's replacement of dog, that's how it was in the beta. He will be more dangerous though, and more agile. Again, I can't tell much because I'm not the leader And joined not long ago.

MrCr@ck: Complete skitch concept had to be created anew. Skitch was brought to earth like an egg at the time of Black Mesa. After the incident, Alyx Took care of him. In betasource mod you meet him after the Airex.

As your new how has the experience been so far?

Mike: Very good, I am cooperating pretty well with MrCr@ck on the modelling, we're also sharing experience on modelling and rigging, so we can learn new stuff faster.

Have you added any new enemies or allies of your own or all from the Half-Life universe?

MrCr@ck: we added all the enemies from original story line. eg. skitch, cremator, combine elite, consul, eli maxwell ....

Will there be a Portal gun or not bothered about having one?

MrCr@ck: Portal gun will not in BS , but we have new physgun

Mike: Probably not.. I mean portal was made later.

How have you dealt with handling the script/story?

MrCr@ck: leaked content and raising the bar. This is all you need to make a nice and true storyline

Will the mod be more focused on puzzles, gunplay or half and half?

MrCr@ck: We want to fully exploit the source half and half

Mike: The beta was much like the release itself that means the mix of puzzles and gunfights we all know and love HL2.

Will the Manhack Arcade be a big thing in the mod by the looks of the trailer it looks like it?

MrCr@ck: the manhack arcade is a very detailed passage, but in this passage you are held up for about 5 minutes.Yet we worked on it for three weeks.

Mike: Not a big thing, it's more of an introduction to the Combine Empire which would be even more violent and brutal in the beta. It may introduce characters, though.

From Raising the bar flight was an aspect in the gameplay will you be able to fly a plane in this mod?

MrCr@ck: yeah this passage is flight C-130 and in the modification it will be included after the Water Control part

Mike: As far as I know, you wouldn't be really flying it, it's rather a "transport" like the trains, and it would crash into a combine over watch building. Actually flying a C130 would be difficult to make and the Source engine wouldn't like that at all. (Performance wise)

Looking at the screenshots will we be spending more time at city 17 before the uprising?

Mike: You will spend some time there, but that's where the development focussed so far. Of course we will work on the street fights later, they will have the planned more military character of the beta, with the rebels using tanks and behaving more like army remnants.

MrCr@ck: but many time we spending in the neighbourhood C17, eg, borealis, Kraken base, Depod, Prison....and of course wasteland

Final question what you want/will people take away from this?

Mike: It will show people how HL2 was originally planned to be like, and also we try to recreate large parts of the beta to please the HL2 beta fan community, which is still pretty big. And ofcourse, we will work on parts unseen in the WC map pack or other leak releases, like as said before, Kraken base or the Wasteland.

MrCr@ck: Finally I just want to say that people were not afraid to do any mod if they have a good idea.

Liam Hackett

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