Monday, 21 June 2010

Alien Breed Impact Review

OK so here's how I see it, Team 17 the people who make worms a quirky game where creative and fun environments  being space, the 17th century or under the sea... have made a game that has completely gone the other way and made a top down shooter, where dark and dull environments  being the inside of a ship yeah that's not what i expected for Team 17... well is this game any good?

 Story: From what i can gather, your a member of the crew and the ship crashes into a meteor and the ship starts to explode and you haft to get out of there, mean wile aliens are infesting the ship so your job just got a little harder. The bad thing about the story is, One; there isn't one. Two; it's not told well and, Three; there's no incentive to care. The beginning of the game is this poor comic style cut scene which i didn't know what was going on because of the dark blue and black colour scheme which meant I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING.

Gameplay: To start of the Level Design is dull there is no colour pallet except for gun metal gray, you might say that it's more atmospheric but i say differently, you see in real life an inside of a ship is bright with white walls mainly to give as much light with little electricity, also who would go on a ship like this? It's like this ship is asking for invasion. Anyway to the actual gameplay of the game. It's a top down shooter where you shoot aliens and solve "puzzles" if you can it them that.What i'm saying is the puzzles aren't really puzzles there set out to be objectives (find and tern on a button to complete main task), It's all to basic and repetitive even throw i've got a different objective i'm still doing the same thing, where's the spice that i'm so fond off in mods and indie games (this game just about ranks as a normal game). I've played this type of level and kill this type of enemy so many times that i just get board and don't care.

Taking of enemies there not very... well interesting to fight. Most of them will just run at you and try and bite your face off, and it's not very fun when all your doing is holding down mouse button and shacking it around so the hole corridor is full of flying lead that any enemy that gets in the was of of will die making no challenge for the player.

All in all the game does nothing new or impressive. There alot i'm missing out like shopping and save points but that's because they do nothing to improve gameplay (except buying guns but that's it) i can see effort in it but sadly it's to no cause, i've played better and there's nearly no reason to pick it up besides price and filler, which is possible because the only big games i'm impressed buy is Portal 2 and deus ex 3 what are all coming out next year! 

In sort average game

Liam Hackett

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