Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword Interview Part One

The first part of this interview will be a text interview with one of the Developers/Producers behind the game,going over what's changed, difficulty and why so soon? The next Interview will be spoken and be more discussion which will be up soon. Hope you like this part and if there's anything you want to find out just leave a comment and I'll make sure your voice is heard.

At the very beginning of the game I found myself shying away from most missions concerning bandits or looters as whenever I tried to fight them the Bandits would shoot me with rifles giving me no chance to fight back even with a small party. Is how you going to balance the enemies so guns don’t kill you in one or two shots?
Guns do kill people after all, to stay alive you'll need a little luck and whole lot of tactics at any part of the game.  If you're really having trouble, you can opt to play the game on 'Easy' or 'Normal', we admit With Fire & Sword is quite a difficult game and thus there is no shame in playing it with reduced damage settings,etc.  Other than that, I recommend using a shield to catch some bullets or at least having some decent armour.

In past Mount & Blade games some people found it hard to actually get far into the game due to the big groups of enemies scattering the land which left you outnumbered and overwhelmed with what they should do how have you refined the game so this doesn’t happen in this one? 
Well, this sort of situations won't always happen because of the dynamic nature of the AI controlled NPC parties, but if you do find yourself in a sticky situation we have added a great new feature in the 'camp' menu that allows you to build an envoy of carts to travel in, so that when you are assaulted your party has additional protection(carts acting as small siege walls).  Your party will stay securely inside the cart envoy whilst your attackers rush towards you and try to make their entrance into your cart envoy, think of these as mini-sieges :)

Why is this game coming out so soon after the last Mount & Blade and why should people buy this instead of the last two?
With Fire & Sword is a great companion game to Warband and is not intended to replace our last game in any way, there is plenty of unique content and reasons to play both games.  With Fire & Sword brings to gamers a different style of warfare, new single player content, new gameplay systems that include a new castle, troop, and economic system, great new weaponry and factions for multiplayer and even a new multiplayer mode. 
In the last two games Mods where a big thing, are you still fully supported?
Yes of course, we wouldn't have it any other way.  We love our community and thank them for all they've done for us, we'll never release a game they cannot mod.

Is the Multiplayer going to be the same with its huge battles and skirmishes, also what have you changed in the multiplayer to support the new weapons?  
Multiplayer is even better now because of the unique tactics players can utilize using the new technology of firearms versus the old ways of war.  Also “Captain Team Deathmatch” is a great new mode in which each player commands 3-24 bots, more than 16 players can fight against each other, so these battles will get quite huge!

How big is the main map compared with the other Mount & Blade games and how much more content is in this one compared with the other two?
The main map compares quite well to the original Mount & Blade.  There is a lot more content in the single player game because of the additional systems we've added as well as multiple storyline quests that are accessible through the three main factions in the game; The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Tsardom of Moscow, and the Cossack Hetmanate.

Liam Hackett

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