Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tales from the Galactopticon Interview

Today I interviewed one of the main Developers (Jaanus) behind the game “Tales from the Galactopticon”.If you like the look of the game and your experienced programmer or Level Designer with Source then contact Jaanus with your Portfolio and you could be involved with this project. Anyway enough of me let’s get on with the interview.

First question why did you choose Source not Unreal or Unity?
Well, all the developers come from Facepunch and more or less have a history of modding Source. So we're sticking to what's familiar to us.

So far we’ve seen a sort of style in the future with futuristic 50s styled weapons so what can we expect from other levels?
The only styled 50s weapon is the Johnny gun. We're trying to get that gritty blade runner or futuristic max payne feel to it and some of the interiors are inspired by Mirror's Edge. We haven't fleshed out the future levels yet, one step at a time.

Will we go to different planets or are we only going to be on one?
Different planets definitely, There will be at least three planets in the game. New New York (with its moon New New Jersey) - A planet entirely covered with cities this is where you start the game. Laituur - The protagonist's home planet where the British Empire has established colonial rule and is exploiting the planet for its resources. finally Kazzin, a trade megalopolis.

Will with have different styles for every planet?
Yeah well, New New York has this max payne noire look and feel to it; Rainy, dark and mysterious. while Laituur is a peaceful jungle planet, so they will definitely have different styles.

How long will the game be?
It's going to be as long as it's going to be. We don't like to estimate things.

As long as a normal mod? (ie Human Error)
Nope, we’re aiming for quality, not quantity as I said; we don't like to estimate things about the mod one step at a time.

The quality is allot better than you see from normal mods especially for alpha. So why haven't you gone indie as you would surly make a success?
Because we're largely a group of artists with limited technical and programming skills. We're using the source engine because we all have significant experience with it. Using things we know how to use is a great way to cut down on production time.

Will there be any Co-op mod or Multiplayer?
Multiplayer, yes. Co-op, undecided. We haven't really thought about it much, we want to finish building the first level before we start on the multiplayer but it will be something like quake or UT Fast-paced and somewhat over the top.

Will we have any companion through the game or is it you and no companion?
Yes, the companion will be Kalasha who is an ex-marine badass lizard chick.

Will there be Just action or puzzles or something else?
Haven't decided that yet, we have only fleshed out the first level.

How meny weapons are there?
At least a few more than there are now, no idea yet. We have nothing set in stone.

Liam Hackett

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