Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Feral Entertainment

Hi all, Just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Plus as i don't want a 14 word post so  not only am i writing in on this post but so will Witty and JJ (and maybe even Maria). Also for my part I'll be talking about what I'm planning for the next year and my person favorites of this year.

Well if you've been following me on my twitter account (follow me!!) you know I'm going to be doing more Interviews and first impressions. Also I'm planning to branch off from just game reviews, to other products, however his will be miner as I'll still be sticking with Game reviews in general. Now on to my personal favourite games of this year.

As you may expect, Metro 2033 is on this list and no it's not because I've reasonly played it, no it's because of the immersion and story that I rarely see in a game. Now I won't go into detail because I've spoken about it in my review (which you all should of seen) and I'm just going to leave it there. Oh I should say that I've bought to the book for Christmas and I will be reading it... when I get it.

The games I'm looking forward to this year (and there's allot more than my favourite games of the year) are Portal 2! Not only was Portal one of my favourite games ever and when i herd that the the sequel will have bigger and better puzzles I was hooked then i herd about the co-op then... well just say on it's release you won't be able to get me out of the house for a week.

Another game I'm looking forward too is Dragon Age 2.  Not only doing what most successful sequels do is use the last game as a jumping off point to expand the game and improved the game's mechanics. However the one thing I'm most worried about is that it's only been one year in development which could effect the game.

Now I know I'm not very good with these sort of posts, also I'm rushing this because IT'S CHRISTMAS!! Anyway I'll you may here from me before new year but I'm doubting it so I'll say to you Happy Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Liam Hacket

Well everyone, it's been a wacky old year. And gone by quick huh? The anime season has been kinda dull but hopefully it'll pick up next year. I also hope to churn out a few new game reviews between now and next Christmas so keep an eye out for those! Anyway, between no and New Year I'll be writing off my Top 5 Anime of 2010 anime list, look out for it.

In short, a Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy Wintertime. Looking forward to next Christmas already.


 Hey guys! For anyone that doesn't know me, I'm JJ, I did a few things on Liam's site every once in a while, and we worked together. This year I'm not sure I can get any reviews out until summer because it's really busy during the school year for me. I will be reviewing some old games during the summer (Call of Duty Black Ops will be old by then), as I usually do, as well as maybe some new ones. I wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas, and a great New Year!! And remember, keep gaming.


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