Friday, 22 October 2010

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

So here's a game where Western RPG's with abit of  JRPG's and RTS are thrown together to make a mish mash of the two genre giving a very strange but yet very addicting game. However is this game the good type of addiction like...ummm... well like something or the bad type of addiction like well everything!!

Story: The story is about taking on a cult called "the Dark Church" (with a name like that how could they be evil?), how do you do this? Well you gather an army of criminals and women (that's my kind of army), "but Liam!"you may ask "what about the normal army that should be dealing with this" well there kinda dead. Yep killed, every single one of them.

The game starts out as you, Drake, decides to kill himself after failing to pass the academy exam to get into the army. However this is seen to be a godsend when he finds out that the whole army has been anihalated by the Dark Church. So he teams up with a spoof of Duke Nukem (you heard me) as you gather your army. The Characters are very well made and the Duke Nukem while being abit like (but I can see a whole lot of other characters being like this soon) and his line are well made and are exacuted well (when I mean well exacuted I mean writen well because there is not voice acting) so I don't really have many problems whith them... well that can be said about all the charicters there have good lines are exacuted well and don't bother me, yes most of the jokes are a flop but there did get a small little giggle out of me at least.

Gameplay: Well think of a mix between DOTA, Final Fantasy and well any western RPG that has ever come out over the last 10 years, that's a loose comparisont to Evil Heroes. To be honest it's more a new genre than a mix of them (I may be wrong becuase I don't play JRPGs). The combat is more on a turnbased structure where you can move anywhere you want if it is coverd by a blue tile, From there you can choose to attack and eneme if close enough wait till the enimies have had there tern or do into a defence position (more end turn than anything). Combat is OK can be a bit bland at times but does get spiced up when abilities and a sort of rage meter get incorporated. Battles are exciting when battleing more than 3 enimies, the difficultly curve takes a big bend at the second "level" if you can call them areas (there more cohesive and attached so I would rather call them area's) which can be a big shock when all of a sudden you find that running in guns or in this case swords blazing will give you a quick death as a reward, the game wants and rewards you by thinking battles through and it's highly satisfing when distroying a whole army with little damage.

However one of the biggest annoiences is the broken camera that will frequently annoy you by running away from the character and focusing on some random tree (or hedge) in the background. What I can't get my head around is how come we're still having problems with stuff like this I thought we finished with bad cameras 5 years ago,(Tomb Raider dude -Witty) but no this problem is very big because it can throw you out of the emertion and screw up your game and you constantly fight the camera to be in the right position. This will probably be patched by right now it's a big problem, may not be game breaking but a problem non the less.

All in all Grotesque is a unique game to say the least it's bright enviroments and witty lines give the game a charm of which is dying these days. So should you buy it...well sort of if your a RPG fan then yes pick it up but don't expect the next Dragon Age becuase it isn't but it fills the void till it comes out. 

Liam Hackett

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