Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wittyannouncement: An Official Touhou Anime?

Wow...I called it

Well, it's actualy happened folks. Information is sketchy at best, but from what I can gather this really is an official Touhou anime series. Noteable features from the poster include that anime store manager guy from Lucky Star. Whether this series has been squared with the venerable ZUN is yet to come to this humble reviewers ears, however, I'll certainly be keeping an eye out. So will this meet with the same fate at the Touhou Anime Project? Quite possibly, the word 'official' has been used spareingly with all the information I can gather.

According to the always semi-reliable Sankaku Complex the anime will be produced by ufotable. It is intended as a celebration of the 10 year anniversary of our anime store manager friend from the poster. Why the hell he warrents such admiration beyond being awesome is beyond me, but then again, it isn't my branch of Otakudom. That being said Sankaku also mentions that a whole series has not, as of yet, been announced. As we know, ZUN has stomped on doujin anime in the past, and bassicaly saying "No Touhou for you".

Despite the sketchy details and the questionable information presented to me, I'll certainly be keeping an ear to the ground during this whole affair. If it does turn out to be real you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be reviewing it.

By: Wittyreviewer

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