Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gamescon and more

Well I'm finally back and ready for action... well sort of, I'm still away but got Internet which means I don't have my PC so no reviews for the time being so no Kane and Lynch 2 or Mafia 2. However thanks Kane and Lynch 2 I'm looking forward to the Gamespot firing squad which makes the Christmas reviews that much easier. Anyway back to Gamescon this year has been a good year with a good showing of Portal 2 (more about the valve news later) which is probably the only reason Gamescon was good. However I have changed my mind on one game Deus Ex Human Revolution sadly a game I was looking forward to but things turned a little squer after they showed gameplay main reason there was nothing to show that it's just a clone of any other RPG (ow also on a side note S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a really good game) with a third person covering system I see nothing that shows any resemblance to the original.However being a prequel you know that Adam's going to be related to the Dentons (probably as easy as understanding what the D was in Alex D).

Moving on Crysis 2 is still high up on my list of "hopefully good games" but is set in the city so hopefully the element of openness is still there but instead of a jungle it's a concrete jungle. However I've always put in mind that a game that can put out great graphics but can't run on normal computers is in my books a bad way to look at making a game. My only hope they don't dumb down the game to much because of the console port.

OK now on to what I call big news. Valve have done allot of things over the last cople of weeks mainly that VALVE HAS ANNOUNCED A NEW GAME!!!! Well sort of they've trade marked it and no it's not Half-Life Related more on the lines of "DOTA" or what is speculated as being Death of the Ancients which if your a modder (like me) then you know this is big... really big Death of the Ancients was no still is big and to have Valve make what seems to be a remake or sequel is big. However the Source Engine is far from making a RTS so don't expect seeing it for another year at least!

Also things you may know portal 2's co-op mode has been announced but there's no gameplay only that small trailer but you know being portal that you'll spend hours in the co-op and not get past a single level. More of the single player was being shown that looks really hard (if you think about how he worked out how he figgerd it out). A new campaign has been announced for both Left 4 Dead one and Left 4 Dead 2 along with a port of a old Left 4 Dead campaign no mercy both free for PC. One last thing a Left 4 Dead comic is coming out which I'm sure to pick up it comes in 3 parts but with no clue if it's coming for a hard copy (actual book)or just on the Internet. Hopefully I'll be able to do more of these but if not have a nice week.

Liam Hackett

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